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Environmentalists for Nuclear Power

Environmentalists for Nuclear Power (MFK in short) is a politically and economically independent Society founded in 1988 by environmentalists who were tired of the ongoing Swedish energy debate dominated by a completely unrealistic anti-nuclear propaganda.

We are participating in the debate with facts and knowledge rather than with the usual prejudices and beliefs. Health, environment and economy must be taken into consideration and nuclear power must be judged under the same conditions as other alternatives for the Swedish electricity supply.

Replacing clean nuclear power with polluting fuels like coal, gas, oil or biomass would be a historic mistake – both environmentally and economically. The waste of monetary resources would be astronomic and we would have to pay for it, as electricity users, employees and as tax payers. Emissions of sulphur, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which Sweden, thanks to nuclear power, has been able to keep low, would rise rapidly again. A clean environment might be costly – but why should we pay for a worse environment?

We Environmentalists for Nuclear Power want to include realism and physical facts to the energy debate rather than the usual political beliefs and ignorance. It would be an environmental disaster to allow decisions to be governed by ideas out of touch with reality and in many cases also based on such an extreme natural romanticism that even refuses to admit that poison ivy and snake poison are ”pure natural products without additives”.

We are writing debate articles, pamphlets, letters to the editors in newspapers, letters to politicians, participating in public debates, arranging symposia, advertising, sending information material and so on.

Currently we have some 2000 members all over Sweden. Our members are all kinds of people with different political opinions and from different social backgrounds. Our organisation has many highly qualified members and therefore we are able to provide informed commentary on technical as well as health and environmental aspects of the energy debate.

The chairman of the board is Lars Wiegert, Onsala.

We are interested in contacts with other environmentalist groups that share our concerns. Here are those we have found so far:

Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy (EFN)